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    1. The human body induces the switch, the wireless teleswitch, good quality Anda makes, specialized - - is worth trusting!

      Product classification

      Smart induction module series
      Wireless remote control switch series
      Wireless transmitter module
      Super-regenerative receiver module
      Accepts making to order
      Welcome to discuss and make arrangements
      Develops necessary
      Careful manufacture
      Sincere cooperation development intelligence future




      Commodity name:
      Light control sensor switch
      Color box
      Suitable for various types of incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving lamps, LED lamps
      Bipolar installation
          Office add.: 802 Building 1 COFCO Business Park Xingdong Community Baoan District Shenzhen China
      Factory Add.: 7th Floor Building 8 CIMC Intelligent System No.15 Shunye West Road Xingtan Town Shunde District Guangdong China
        Telephone: 86-0755-29604966 E-mail:kyra@toada.cn

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