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    1. The human body induces the switch, the wireless teleswitch, good quality Anda makes, specialized - - is worth trusting!

      Product classification

      Smart induction module series
      Wireless remote control switch series
      Wireless transmitter module
      Super-regenerative receiver module
      Accepts making to order
      Welcome to discuss and make arrangements
      Develops necessary
      Careful manufacture
      Sincere cooperation development intelligence future





        Shenzhen Toada Electronisc Co.,LTD is specialized is engaged in the human body to induce the switch, the wireless teleswitch, the human body induces the switch module, the high frequency receiving and dispatching module、Lives at home the intelligent productThe development, the production and the sale in a body high technology and new technology enterprise, the company base on the Asian biggest electron market--Shenzhen, depends on the Zhujiang Delta coastal area economy developed superiority, the technical superiority and ideology and accepts ability in advance superiority, take draws close to the market, the convenience user as the criterion, develops has certain technology content, mature stable, convenient Yi Yong, suits the high new product which expends in the populace, and develops the global service network unceasingly take this as the foundation, has established the good product development system, the production system, the sales system, the service system and so on.   

      passes through several year unremitting endeavors, the company has the standardized production base, has the advanced high tech precise check-out facility, makes the equipment; The modernization, the high quality, the high level, dare the specialized technology, the management which develops, sell the talented person.For many years, the company positively has developed the global network, provides the region agent, region retailing, the cooperation development, decides the sign production and so on many kinds of marketing service.Has become the intelligence to live at home the profession, the collection development, the design, the production, the sale has the suitable strength specialized manufacturer in a body. 

      Corporation devotes in the foundation one whole set suits the Chinese family characteristic the wireless remote control intellectualization solution, and argues vigorously into the leading intelligent life domain solution provider, provides the intelligence to live at home/domain and so on network electrical appliances/embedded system/numeral homeland technologies and the product; May according to various customers different product design request, complete the product software and hardware design, the development service comprehensively.  

      The Corporation professionals multitudinous, the technical force is abundant, receives " practically, the innovation, highly effective, unites " the management idea, the enthusiasm welcome everywhere customer presence your help!   

      The company organizes the construction chart:

          Office add.: 802 Building 1 COFCO Business Park Xingdong Community Baoan District Shenzhen China
      Factory Add.: 7th Floor Building 8 CIMC Intelligent System No.15 Shunye West Road Xingtan Town Shunde District Guangdong China
        Telephone: 86-0755-29604966 E-mail:kyra@toada.cn

      This website content's copyright develops the toada electron to possess. Copyright @2004-2008 Hunan ICP prepares 07002182
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